The Board is required to indicate whether the teacher holds Full or Provisional Registration. The Board calls this a category of registration and each entails specific statutory requirements as provided by s30 and s31 of the Act. Factsheets and support documents are provided to assist teachers understand their legal and professional obligations in holding this category of registration.

Once registered 

Teachers are required by the provisions of the Act to - 

Notify the Board, in writing, within 90 days of changing your:

  • Name (change of name advice must be accompanied by evidence e.g. certified copy of Marriage Certificate or change of name document)
  • Other personal details (all contact details - postal address, email and phone/mobile number)
  • Business address (the address at which you are teaching e.g. the name of the school).

Notify the Board, in writing, within 14 days of being committed to trial for, or being found guilty of:

  • A sexual offence*; or
  • An indictable offence.

Failure to notify the Board may constitute a breach of the Act and penalties apply.

* A teacher who is registered under this Act ceases to be registered on being found guilty of a sexual offence.

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Registration Certificate

Terms of Registration

Renewal of Registration

Annual Fee payment

Maintaining professional competence through currency of practice and professional learning

Currency is defined as a minimum of 180 days of teaching practice (or one full year of teaching) in the previous five years and is inclusive of all tasks teachers would undertake in the normal course of their employment as a teacher, including educational leadership and equivalent practice.

The mandatory 100 hours minimum of professional learning is a requirement to demonstrate ongoing learning that renews, enhances, develops or changes professional practice and links to the Standards. 

The Board acknowledges that teachers will have many more hours than the minimum of 100 hours so when selecting professional learning events to report to a minimum of 100 hours teachers should consider which activities:

  • Had the most impact in building my capacity and that of others?
  • Assisted me to consciously improve my practice?
  • Had the most impact on student outcomes?