All applicants for teacher registration, including registration renewal, must complete a national police check at the time of applying for registration. Information received through these processes will be stored in secure files at the Office of the Board and used only for the purposes of deciding registration or authorisation.

Australian criminal history clearances

If you are currently living in Australia, or have ever lived in Australia, you must provide the results of a National Police Check issued by Safe NT.

It is mandatory for teachers to hold a NT Working With Children Clearance (Ochre card) for employment purposes as well as a National Police Check for registration purposes. Refer to the Working with Children Clearances page for more information.

The Board has arrangements is place for sharing information with SAFE NT to streamline processes for teachers. If you do not already have a current Ochre card when applying for registration or authorisation, it is recommended that you apply for a Working With Children Clearance (Ochre Card) and select the option for the Board to obtain your results directly from SAFE NT. This will allow SAFE NT to advise the Board directly of both your Ochre card results as well as your National Police Check results. 

New applicants for registration and authorisation who hold a current Working with Children Clearance will need to apply for a current (no older than 3 months) National Police Check through SAFE NT. In the application, you must specify that the purpose of the check is for 'Employment as a Teacher'.

Please visit the SAFE NT website for an application. You will have the option to lodge an online or hard copy form.

Overseas criminal history clearances

If you have lived overseas you must provide an original criminal history clearance from any country in which you have lived for 12 months or more in the last 10 years, or since reaching the age of 18 years.

Please click here to apply for an overseas criminal history check from overseas countries

Or Please visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website for information on the process for sourcing the required criminal history clearances from overseas countries.