The Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory (the Board) is responsible for administering the scheme of teacher registration, and for driving the quality, professionalism and status of teaching in the Northern Territory. The Board performs its functions in accordance with the Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act 2004 (the Act) and the Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Regulations 2004 ( the Regulations). 

A brief video highlighting the key changes to the Act and what these mean for teachers:

Fact Sheets on key elements of the Act

The following Fact Sheets have been developed to provide an overview of the key elements of the Act that are important for teachers to know. Further information on these changes can be found in the relevant sections of this website.

Key Legislation Elements

Information Sharing

Notifications by Teachers

Review of Board Decisions

Working with Children Clearances

Links to the Act and Regulations for the Board: 

Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act

Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Regulations