Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Teachers in the Territory must be able to teach in accordance with professional teaching standards approved by the Board. The Board has approved the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards) by notice in the Government Gazette . The Standards are a public statement that describes the professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement required of teachers. They reflect the complex role of teaching and comprise seven standards describing what teachers should know and be able to do across four career stages reflecting a continuum of developing professional expertise; graduate, proficient, accomplished and lead.

The Standards underpin many registration decisions of the Board:

  • The Graduate level of the standards is the benchmark for those competing initial teacher education programs and applying for provisional registration
  • Teachers progressing to full registration or renewing their full registration must meet the Standards at the Proficient level
  • Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers is linked to the Accomplished and Lead level of the Standards
  • Disciplinary proceedings consider issues of lack of competence against the Standards.

Please refer to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers for further information.

Code of Ethics for Northern Territory Teachers

The Board has developed the Code of Ethics for Northern Territory Teachers which outlines the professional conduct and behaviour required of approved teachers in the Territory.

The Code of Ethics is designed to help teachers navigate and resolve difficult professional and ethical dilemmas. It describes five values which underpin the profession: integrity, respect, justice, empathy and dignity.

Teachers are encouraged to use the code along with employer codes/policies and other professional codes to guide their professional conduct and behaviour.

Protective Practices Guidelines

The Board has developed the Protective Practices Guidelines: For Teachers in their interactions with children and young people,  to provide advice to teachers for the establishment of positive, caring and respectful relationships with children and young people in educational settings. The main intent of this document is to promote an enhanced understanding of appropriate relationship boundaries and to help safeguard the emotional and physical well-being of children and young people. Respecting these boundaries will assist teachers to feel confident about meeting their responsibilities to children and young people and about meeting the expectations of the professional community in which they work. Following these guidelines will contribute to safer, happier and more successful education and care environments for all the people who learn and work in them.

Please refer to the Protective Practices Guidelines for further information.

Professional Boundaries Guidelines

The Board has developed the Managing Professional Boundaries: Guidelines for Teachers in conjunction with the Australasian Teacher Regulatory Authorities to support teachers in their relationships with students. The Guidelines will also assist preservice teachers undertaking the professional experience component of the initial teacher education program.
Members of the public, including parents, carers, school students and non-teacher professionals, may use the Guidelines to inform and guide them about appropriate teacher-student relationships.

Please refer to the Managing Professional Boundaries Guidelines for further information.