Payment of Annual Fee’ Reminders will be emailed to all registered teachers with a financial expiry date of 31 December 2019, in the coming weeks.

To ensure reminders are received, teachers can update their contact details on the TRB Website MyTRBNT online services.  Financial Expiry dates can be checked on Registration Certificates or via the website: Search the Register registration details online. 

Payment of the Annual Fee can be made through the TRB Website online services.

Once you have completed your payment please take the opportunity to take the ATWD Teacher Survey

Why the ATWD is important

We know that after families, teachers are the number one influence on the learning lives of our children, so it’s important to ensure that teachers are properly supported throughout their careers. Understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by the profession will better equip us to provide this support, but as a nation, we don’t currently have a clear picture of the teaching workforce.

The ATWD Teacher Survey

The Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative will provide a comprehensive picture of the teaching profession – the ATWD Teacher Survey is an important component of the ATWD.

The ten-minute ATWD Teacher Survey is voluntary, but important as it will provide insight on important workforce characteristics directly from teachers – it is the Teacher Voice in the ATWD.

Find out more about the ATWD

Privacy is protected

The ATWD complies with all Commonwealth, State and Territory privacy legislation. No personal information is included in the ATWD and individual teachers cannot be identified.

Find out about the safeguards in place to protect privacy and how your information will be handled.