Provisionally Registered Teachers

Provisional Registration is granted for three years and is a period of supported induction into the teaching profession in the Northern Territory. During this time the provisionally registered teacher works towards gaining the professional experience that will entitle them to apply for Full Registration.

To be entitled to full registration you must demonstrate that:

  • You have met the currency of practice requirement (180 days teaching service within the last 5 years)
  • Your teaching practice meets the Australian Professional Standards for Proficient Teachers (APSTs) by presenting evidence of your teaching competence to a school-based panel
  • You meet the requirements for a good character check as determined by The Board

If you have not met the requirements for Full Registration within the 3-year term of Provisional Registration, you will be required to make an application to the Board requesting a Renewal (extension) of your Provisional Registration by completing Form E PDF.

Provisional (F) Registered Teachers

Provisional (F) Registration, in the Northern Territory, acknowledges that a teacher has met the requirements for Full Registration previously but has been unable to meet the requirements at the point of renewal of Full Registration.

Teachers who hold Provisional (F) Registration can apply for Full Registration once they accrue:

  • 180 days of relevant service
  • 100 hours of professional learning

In the five years immediately preceding the date which their application for Full Registration is submitted to Board. To transition from Provisional (F) Registration to Full Registration use FORM F PDF.

Applying for Full Registration – for teachers currently provisionally registered

Use Form D PDF if you are currently provisionally registered in the Northern Territory and are a teacher who:

  • Would like to apply for Full Registration
  • Has been granted Full Registration in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory or New Zealand and would like to apply to have their Full Registration recognised in the Northern Territory
  • Has been granted Proficient Teacher status in NSW and would like to apply to have their status recognised in the Northern Territory


Process for transitioning from Provisional to Full Registration


Information for Principals, School-Based Panels and Mentors


The Principal assumes responsibility for ensuring provisionally registered teachers receive access to the support, advice, and guidance needed to apply for Full Registration.

The Board encourages Principals to take an active role in monitoring how provisionally registered teachers are supported in the early stages of teaching.

The Principal’s role is to:

  • Identify provisionally registered teachers in their school and initiate the necessary processes
  • Ensure each provisionally registered teacher has an appropriate mentor appointed
  • Delegate, if necessary and where relevant, the responsibility to a Senior Teacher and/or AP
  • To complete Form D, Proficiency to Teach in order to endorse the school-based panel’s recommendation to the Teacher Registration Board; and
  • Assist the Board, if necessary, with any anomalies relating to the process

Role of principal - Provisional to full


Resources to support Principals:


For the purposes of Provisional Registration, mentoring is an agreed, mutually accepted professional partnership between a fully registered teacher and a teacher who holds Provisional Registration.

Mentors work closely with provisionally registered teachers, providing professional support and collegial advice to assist them in reflecting on their work and improving their practice against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the proficient level (APSTs).

Role of mentor - provisional to full


Resources to support mentors:

School-Based Panels

The Principal will establish a panel to assess your proficiency against the Standards.

The Panel will comprise a:

  • Senior Teacher or Assistant Principal, who will act as chair
  • Fully registered teacher nominated by you (this could be your mentor) and;
  • Fully registered teacher familiar with your work.

Role of panel member - provisional to full


Resources to support school-based panels:

Professional Learning

The Teacher Registration Board aims to provide a supported process for eligible teachers who wish to apply for Full Registration.

The Information Sessions offered by the Board will assist you in establishing professional networks with other provisionally registered teachers. The Board will provide you with detailed information to help you get started on your application.

The Information Sessions will allow you to:

  • Clarify the requirements and the process
  • Confirm that you are ready to begin the process of applying for Full Registration
  • Interpret the Australian Professional Standards for Proficient Teachers
  • Identify appropriate evidence and plan for gathering evidence
  • Map and present your evidence

For more information, please contact the Manager of Professional Learning and Standards at the TRB NT.


Supporting Documentation and Resources