Teachers Registration Board of the Northern Territory


Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act

Teacher registration was introduced in the Northern Territory in September 2004 when the Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act (the Act) came into operation.

The objective of the Act is to ensure that only persons who are fit and proper, appropriately qualified and competent to teach, are employed as teachers in the Territory. The objective is achieved by the establishment of the Teacher Registration Board (the TRB or the Board) to register persons as teachers and to facilitate the continuing competence of teachers in the Territory.

Important changes to the Act

Major changes have been made to the Act, effective from 1 September 2010. In relation to the registration of teachers, the main changes to the legislation are:

  1. The introduction of two categories of registration: Full Registration and Provisional Registration
  2. The introduction of registration renewal requirements (e.g. requirements in addition to simply paying the fee in order to renew your registration)
  3. Additional powers allowing the Board to request information from third parties (e.g. referees of applicants)
  4. Additional powers allowing the Board to impose, vary or revoke conditions on a teacher’s registration
  5. Additional powers allowing the Board to monitor compliance with the Act (e.g. ensure teachers are not teaching without registration).

Teacher Registration Board

The Board consists of 12 members appointed by the Administrator, and includes teachers, principals and educators who are nominees of the key stakeholders in the Territory such as employers, unions, higher education institutions and other relevant organisations and associations.

It is one of the functions of the Board to administer the scheme of teacher registration that has existed in the Northern Territory since 2004. This includes:

  • Assessing eligibility for registration
  • Granting (and refusing) registration
  • Imposing, varying and revoking conditions on registration
  • Accepting and processing payment for annual registration
  • Granting (and refusing) renewal of registration
  • Keeping a Register of Teachers.

The Board meets at least 9 times per year to consider applications for registration.

The office of the Board is staffed by employees of the NT Government, headed by the TRB Director who has been appointed by the Minister for Education and Training.

Teaching in the Territory

The Act defines 'teacher' to mean a person who is qualified to program and deliver a course of instruction at a school and to assess the work of students in relation to that course of instruction.

A person who is currently registered as a teacher in the Northern Territory may undertake the duties of a teacher in any school in the Northern Territory.

Since the commencement of sections 72 and 73 of the Act on 1 February 2005, it is an offence to employ an unregistered teacher and it is an offence to teach when unregistered. The penalty for each offence is 50 penalty units (currently $6,650).

Register of teachers

The Board keeps a register called the Register of Teachers, an extract of which is available online to allow members of the public to inspect it. For the protection of your private information only your name, registration number, category of registration, term of registration and financial expiry date will be available on the online register. Personal details will not appear on the online register.