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Professional learning

Professional learning is integral to raising teaching standards. Teacher professional learning is an ongoing process supported by planned learning activities and programs designed to enhance professional knowledge, practice and engagement.

Teachers should be mindful that professional learning takes place on a daily basis in schools and other educational contexts and that these experiences can be identified and recorded for renewal processes.

Professional development refers to what teachers do and experience that provides the opportunities to enhance professional knowledge, practice and engagement.

Professional learning describes the growth in knowledge, skills and attitudes that comes from being engaged in professional development activities, processes and experiences.

Teachers and other educators often use the terms 'professional learning' and 'professional development' interchangeably. The Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory uses the term 'professional learning' to reflect more accurately that it is not just the knowledge gained in a professional development session that makes the most difference to professional practice, but how this knowledge is applied.

Powerful professional learning is collaborative, sustained, practical and closely linked to the actual teaching of learning in schools.

Access professional development

Professional development can be sourced from a range of providers. It can be:

  • Employer provided
  • Linked to systemic programs and initiatives
  • Delivered by private providers
  • Comprise additional formal study (University and TAFE)
  • School-based, job-embedded, focusing on priority areas or school strategic plans
  • Incorporate a balance between receiving and sharing information (participation in professional teaching association activities, contributing to journals, facilitating workshops).