Teachers Registration Board of the Northern Territory

Research Digest

This Research Digest is part of a  series of periodic digests produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) for the Queensland College of Teachers. The College has made the digest available to the registration authorities in other States and Territories under the auspices of the Australian Regulatory Teaching Authorities network.

Each edition will focus on a single issue with an emphasis on what research means for teachers and teaching. 

If you cannot access the following PDF documents please contact the TRB team.


Edition 3, 2010 (pdf 726.2 KB)
Edition 2, 2010 (pdf 554.7 KB)
Edition 1, 2010 (pdf 447.0 KB)


Edition 2, 2009 (pdf 482.0 KB)
Edition 1, 2009 (pdf 396.7 KB)


Edition 3, 2008 (pdf 556.3 KB)
Edition 1, 2008 (pdf 683.7 KB)


Edition 1, 2007 (pdf 693.8 KB)