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The Board is an independent body charged with: registering teachers, or granting authorisation to an employer to employ an unregistered person as a teacher; liaising with providers of teacher education and professional development in the Northern Territory; supporting the development of appropriate teacher education courses.


The office of the Teacher Registration Board is pleased to announce that on 14 February 2019, the Minister for Education, the Hon. Selena Uibo, announced the introduction of the Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 in the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory.

The Bill and related explanatory materials are publicly available on the Northern Territory Government Legislation Database website.

The Bill was referred to the Social Policy Scrutiny Committee who are responsible for considering, among other things, whether the Bill has sufficient regard to the rights and liberties of individuals, before reporting back to the Assembly.

Further information regarding the Scrutiny Committee can be found on the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory website. Students, families and the general public may have the opportunity to participate more broadly in the legislative process by making submissions or appearing before the Committee.

We are sincerely grateful for the involvement of the education sector in further developing a strong, contemporary legislative framework for the registration of teachers in the Territory.

Building a national picture of the Australian teaching experience

Introducing the Australian Teacher Workforce Data strategy (ATWD)

Teachers are the number one in-school influence on student learning so understanding the profession is crucial for supporting all teachers to maximise their impact.

At TRBNT we're committed to quality teaching. That's why we're participating in the Australian Teacher Workforce Data Strategy. The ATWD will provide a national view of the Australian teaching workforce. While we have a strong understanding of teachers' experiences and needs in the Northern Territory the education community needs a complete and national picture of teaching in Australia.

From 2018, teacher registration data will be part of the ATWD. For the first time ever in Australia the ATWD will gain a big picture perspective of the national teacher workforce - informing and helping decision-makers to create policies that will strengthen the profession.

Registration data from TRBNT will become part of the ATWD and contribute to the national view of the Australian teaching workforce.

The ATWD will only include linked, de-identified data to be used for reporting and research purposes. AIHW will never disclose the personal information it receives from the TRB NT and the use of the personal information is subject to the AIHW Act. Teachers will not be identifiable in any reports on ATWD data.

Find out more - link to the ATWD webpage

Australian Registered Teachers - Invitation to Participate in Australia Wide On-Line Research Project

Vanessa Bartley-Heterick, a doctoral candidate of the University of New England, is conducting an Australia wide survey of registered teachers. Read more


Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students in the NT

The test is currently available and is administered by the Australian Council of Educational Research on behalf of the Australian Government.
All students commencing an initial teacher education course from 1 January 2017 will be required to sit the test prior to graduation.
Current students are encouraged to sit the test as successful completion of the test may enhance employment prospects.

IJICC Article Invitation

Doing something innovative? Interested in writing an article on ‘STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS and Mathematics’? Click here for more information IJICC Article Invitation

Here are some great resources to begin the school year for teaching staff working in the Northern Territory:


International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change

Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers Report

Read the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group (TEMAG) Report,
Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers