Teachers Registration Board of the Northern Territory

Making a complaint about a teacher

1. How do I lodge a complaint with the board?

This form should be used to lodge a complaint against a registered teacher or person authorised to teach by the Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory ('the Board') in the Northern Territory. The information you provide in this form will be submitted to the Board.

2. What can I complain about?

The Board can investigate complaints about the professional conduct of a teacher acting in their capacity as a teacher. We can also inquire into any conduct which does not meet the standard of behaviour reasonably expected of a teacher; or is not in accordance with a code of professional ethics developed and maintained by the Board; or conduct that shows the a teacher is not of good character.

If your complaint refers to an employee of the Northern Territory Department of Education and Training, the Northern Territory Christian Schools Association, the Association of Independent Schools of the Northern Territory or the Northern Territory Catholic Education Office and who is not a teacher, the Board is unlikely to assist you. Please do not complete this form.

3. What does the Act say?

The Board is responsible for administering the Teacher Registration (Northern Territory) Act (‘the Act’). Section 49 of the Act relates to complaints and states that “a person may, in writing, complain to the Board about the professional conduct of a teacher or authorised person.”

4. Can I get into trouble for making a complaint?

No. Section 76A of the Act states that a person cannot be civilly or criminally liable for giving information to the Board IF that person is acting in good faith.

5. Can the Board dismiss my complaint?

Yes. The Board may dismiss a complaint without taking further action if it considers the complaint frivolous or vexatious or does not relate to the professional conduct of a teacher.

A frivolous complaint is one which cannot possibly be made out, is manifestly groundless, or one that relates to a paltry or trifling matter. A vexatious complaint is one which is made only for the purpose of annoying or embarrassing the person against whom it is made or some other collateral purpose, or is obviously untenable or groundless.

6. What do I need to provide?

In addition to submitting this completed complaint form; you may provide any supporting documentation or evidence you believe is relevant to the Board in its consideration of your complaint.

7. What happens next?

  1. You will receive acknowledgement that your correspondence has been received.
  2. Your complaint will be assessed by the Director and acknowledged by the Board.
  3. The Board will determine how to progress the complaint (the Board may dismiss the complaint if it is of the view that the issue complained about does not relate to the professional conduct of a teacher or it may commence a preliminary investigation or inquiry).

8. Any questions?

If you have any questions or require assistance in completing this form, please contact the Professional Conduct staff on 8944 9381 or email trbcomplaints.det@nt.gov.au