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Certification HALT

On 20 April 2012, all Ministers for Education endorsed a national approach to the certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers. A national approach means that all Australian teachers will have access to a rigorous and transparent process that recognises Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers which is portable throughout Australia.

Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers has three primary purposes:

  1. Recognise and promote quality teaching
  2. Provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice
  3. Provide a reliable indication of quality teaching that can be used to identify, recognise and/or reward Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers.

Who can apply for certification?

Application for certification is open to all fully registered teachers who meet the eligibility requirements and who can demonstrate achievement of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Highly Accomplished or Lead career stages.

Certification involves a series of observations of a teacher’s practice, including classroom observations. To achieve certification, teachers will therefore need to be able to demonstrate their skills in working with students in a classroom situation.

Providing they can demonstrate this, certification is available to classroom-based teachers in a range of roles including school support professionals, regional support officers, consultants and advisory teachers and those in equivalent roles who work with students.

What is involved in the application process?

There are three stages in an application for certification:

  1. Pre- assessment - Applicants determine their eligibility and readiness for certification and conduct a mandatory professional discussion with their principal/supervisor. An online self-assessment tool is available for teachers to assess their readiness to apply.
  2. Assessment (Stage 1) - Submission of evidence against the Standards, which includes annotated evidence of the teacher’s practice, a written statement addressing the Standards, observation reports and referee comments.(A written description of a Lead initiative at the Lead career stage only)Flowchart for HALT certification process
  3. Assessment (Stage 2) - Direct assessment of the teacher’s practice onsite by an external assessor, which includes observation, discussion with principal/supervisor, discussion with other colleagues as required and professional discussion with applicant.