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The Board is an independent body charged with: registering teachers, or granting authorisation to an employer to employ an unregistered person as a teacher; liaising with providers of teacher education and professional development in the Northern Territory; supporting the development of appropriate teacher education courses.


World Teachers’ Day 31/10/2014

28 Oct 2014

On Friday, International World Teachers’ Day is celebrated around Australia. While one day is not enough to truly reward teachers, it is a great starting point and is an excellent opportunity to recognise teachers and draw public attention to the teaching profession and the important role it plays.

The Teacher Registration Board (NT) would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of teachers in an increasingly complex society. We recognise the importance of quality teaching and the contribution of each individual teacher to the profession worldwide.

We thank you for your dedication, hard work and contribution to the development of students wherever you may be teaching. We hope you find a way to celebrate the profession of which you are an integral part,  wherever you are. Happy World Teachers’ Day!


TRB Update

Edition 1, August 2014
    • Classroom Observation Tool - Practice Continuum
    • Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher success across the Territory
    • Annual Fee Increase – July 1 2014
    • Registration Renewal Update

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    These bulletins provide important information for principals.

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    This publication is for educators by educators and includes critical research findings, new ideas and hands on practical application.

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