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About us

The Board is an independent body charged with: registering teachers, or granting authorisation to an employer to employ an unregistered person as a teacher; liaising with providers of teacher education and professional development in the Northern Territory; supporting the development of appropriate teacher education courses.


The Board celebrates its 10th birthday on 18 August 2014

15 Aug 2014

On this day 18 August, 2004, the first Board meeting for the Teacher Registration Board occurred. On this tenth anniversary we would like to acknowledge the work of Board members over the years, past and present, and the significant input they have into the strategic direction of the Board.  It has evolved and developed since then and provides a quality service for teachers. The Board thanks all stakeholders for input into its development over the years. The  time  and commitment to ensuring we have high quality teachers in the NT is most appreciated.


TRB Update

Edition 1, August 2014
    • Classroom Observation Tool - Practice Continuum
    • Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher success across the Territory
    • Annual Fee Increase – July 1 2014
    • Registration Renewal Update

    Principals' Circular


    These bulletins provide important information for principals.

    Edition 1, 2012


    Research Digest


    The Digest focuses on a single issue and what research means for teachers and teaching.

    Research Digest Edition 9, 2013

    Inside Teaching


    This publication is for educators by educators and includes critical research findings, new ideas and hands on practical application.

    Edition 4, October 2010